HUMAN Cloning

Therapeutic and Reproductive cloning

The more I learn the more I know. The most common reference of online knowledge, Wikipedia, tells us that there are two types of human cloning, therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning.

Therapeutic cloning: “Therapeutic cloning: (a.k.a. Somatic cell nuclear transfer or research cloning): This starts with the same procedure as is used in adult DNA cloning. The resultant embryo would be allowed to grow for perhaps 14 days. It’s stem cells would then be extracted and encouraged to grow into a piece of human tissue or a complete human organ for transplant. The end result would not be a human being; it would be a replacement organ, or piece of nerve tissue, or quantity of skin. The first successful therapeutic cloning was accomplished in 2001-NOV by Advanced Cell Technology, a biotech company in Worcester, MA.”


Reproductive cloning  is”…accomplished using a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer.”

“…scientists extract the nucleus of a somatic cell, a cell which can come from anywhere in the body, and insert it into an egg which has had its nucleus removed. The egg is stimulated, and it begins dividing and growing, developing into an embryo which can be implanted into a gestational surrogate and carried to term.”



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2 Responses to “HUMAN Cloning”

  1. josh Says:

    I am against cloning human life. i am all for cloning human organs and stuff to cure many diseases but cloning human life in my mind is against gods standards. But that’s just my belief. The morality of cloning is a debate that been going on for years all around the world. In America I think our society would disagree that cloning should be allowed. In refuting the idea of legalizing cloning, there are three topics that I talked about. First, with respect to religion, there are those who would say that there is no God to question about cloning. This supports the notion that there is no God ruling over us who can say what is right and wrong about cloning a human life. Second in Genetics many people believe that the scientists who do this kind of thing are so sophisticated that they cannot make mistakes. This supports the idea that society would not care if we messed up people through the process of cloning because the cures that would result for different kinds of diseases and sicknesses would be the greater good. Regarding the value of human life, however, people will simply say that people would still care about human life regardless of cloning. Of course, they have no evidence backing this up but history shows that the more society is exposed to something, the more they are likely to embrace it. Gay marriage and abortion are good examples of things that society used to reject, but now accept. If we create human life so easily, it will also be easy to end it when we want to.

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